Noir Et Blanc's origin begins in 2018. I was 19 years old and taking a hospitality course to fulfil a general education requirement as a business marketing major. My world ( get ready for the dramatics ) did  a 180 when pirate Alum Megan and Gina from the wonderful and esteemed "A Southern Soiree" came to give a presentation on being wedding and event planners. I was in my own little version of heaven on earth. At the end of class, I asked my professor "what do I need to do in order to do that?" He told me I should probably start out as a hospitality major.

I switched majors within the next thirty minutes. The rest is history. I have been determined since then to make this dream a reality.


Hey y'all! 

A few bits and pieces about me if you care enough to read them ... and i'll be honest, it's rare that I read an "about me/us" page when I'm looking for a service so if you read this, I'm sending your kudos 

1. I was born in Washington, DC but raised in Durham, NC ( the REAL 919 )  so I've got the best of both worlds! A little bit of North and a little bit of South ( a lot a bit of south )
2. I have two Bachelor's Degrees. One is a BS in Hospitality Management and one is in Sociology. Both are dear subjects to me. 
3. I am an enneagram type 3 and a type A person. 
4. I am a proud triple minority, and I affirm people of all races, creeds, identities, sexualities, bodily ability statuses, and more. Not all minorities are visible, and I want you to feel comfortable enough to tell me your status as a human. 

If the above statement makes you squirm, and not with excitement? This is not the company for you. I'm sure there's another planner out there though! 

Owner and Sole Planner

About Nashara (She/Her/Hers)

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